SMDC Trees Residences - AMENITIES

The tree residences have in place various amenities which aid in ensuring a safe and enjoyable stay within the property. In ensuring your security there is twenty-four-hour security and provision of CCTV systems in some areas. The CCTV systems ensure that there is coverage of all activities that take place within the facility so as to guarantee security.

There are an automatic fire detection and alarm system in place. The system aids in detecting a fire outbreak and alerting the people within by triggering the alarm. The fire detection system ensures that in the case of a fire outbreak, your life will not be in great danger since you will be alerted. There are function rooms, covered walkways swimming pools as well as a multi-purpose court. The function rooms can be used for various purposes ranging from business meetings to family events. These rooms ensure that you never have to head to the city for some activities since they can be done onsite.

There are swimming pools onsite in which you can perform leisure activities such as swimming and photo shooting. There are covered walkways in which you can stroll around in the morning and evening. Other features within the trees residences include a sewerage treatment plant, centralized cistern tank, an elevator per tower, a standby generator set for common areas and selected unit outlets as well as a garbage disposal area for every floor. The presence of a sewage treatment plant ensures that your environment is conducive and free from environmental hazards.

There is a garbage collection area in every floor, therefore, you don’t need to get to the ground floor to dump waste. These features ensure you don’t get ill due to poor environmental conditions. The elevator per tower aids in moving from one floor to the other at ease. There is also a staircase in case you opt for the longer route.

In case there is a blackout the standby generator supports lighting in the selected unit outlets as well as the set common areas. The presence of the generator guarantees lighting back up hence no disruption of services within the residences. There is cistern tank in which clean water is stored. The tank provides all residences with fresh clean water storage thereby no water shortage can be experienced. Unlike other tanks, a cistern tank is advantageous in that it`s situated underground hence little or no risk of contamination why environmental pollutants.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Multi-Purpose Court
  • Function Room
  • Save More 
  • Two Main Entrance Gates
  • Gated Community with 24/7 Security
  • CCTV for main lobby, entrances, perimeter fence, and amenity areas
  • Central Mail Boxes
  • Property Management Office
  • Security Office
  • Ground Level Parking – 1,791 slots (slots along the road shall have partial cover only)
  • Covered Walkway
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